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Alex Bracetti

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Pen-for-hire who's produces lifestyle. sports, and tech content for Ask Men, Complex, Thrillist, Man of Many, Green Label, HOOP Magazine and many others.

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10 111613 black grooming entrepreneurs article

Black Grooming Entrepreneurs - AskMen

This Black History Month, Meet The 10 Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing The Grooming Industry

05 061628 barber grooming secrets article

Barber Grooming Secrets - AskMen

10 Grooming Secrets Your Barber Doesn't Want You To Know

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Causes of Male Pattern Baldness - AskMen

The Real Reason Men Go Bald (And How To Stop It)

12 vr games that will blow your mind rez infinite article

12 Upcoming VR Games That Will Blow Your Mind

The future is now!

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Victor Cruz Fashion Interview - AskMen

Let NY Giants Star Receiver Victor Cruz Transform You Into A Fashion Icon

08 025704 how to trim nose hair article

How To Trim Nose Hair - AskMen

Grooming Guide: How To Trim Your Nose Hair

Tl stack mobile article

Chromecast Hacks: 13 Essential Tips and Tricks

Useful tips, tricks, and hacks for streaming with Google Chromecast.

11 042651 body lotion hacks article

Body Lotion Hacks - AskMen

Always Look Your Best, No Matter What, Thanks To These Unexpected Lotion Hacks

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The Bevel Trimmer - AskMen

Meet The New Electronic Trimmer Designed For Men Of Color

Tl vertical stack 3 article

Get Faster Wi-Fi With These Easy Router Tricks

Tips and tricks for faster Wi-Fi at home.

Tl stack mobile article

CES 2016 Best New Tech Gadgets This Year

The coolest tech and new gadgets from CES 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Htc vive pre article

The Dopest Tech Finds of CES 2016 | Green Label

From electric skateboards to futuristic footwear controlled by your phone, we’ve got you covered.

05 032211 how to take care of your razor blade article

How To Take Care Of Your Razor Blade - AskMen

Razor Hacks To Extend Your Blade's Lifespan (And Save A Bunch Of Money)

18 023507 cologne hacks article

Cologne Hacks To Smell Good All Day - AskMen

Impress Her By Always Smelling Your Best Thanks To These Cologne Hacks